Mobile App Development: Trends to watch out in 2018

Mobile App Development: Trends to watch out in 2018

2017 has been remarkable year for mobile applications. Mobile App becomes a necessity of everyone’s life, they may no longer an optional. Lots of mobile applications were launched in the past decades thus increasing the demands of the apps. It becomes a priority of the people and now also becomes the source pf meeting all the demands and requirements of the customers and thereby providing them with the best services.

Mobile App Development sector has witnessed an upsurge as there have been lot of free apps downloads in 2017.

Considering such great demand and response in the Mobile App Development in the year 2017, we have stated some Mobile App Development Trends that are expected to take place in the year 2018.

Android instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are native apps that work as websites and appeal to users easily with the convenience of uses. Without the need of installation, it makes the users to access the app from any place. It has streamlined the difference between app and website. It aids with all the required tools that can prove to be helpful in modularizing the app through which users load only that portion of the instant app that they are in need of. It is also easy to share and users can experience the benefits of the apps with just a click. This will also help users to save their phone storage from unnecessary downloads as there will be no need of downloading apps.

 Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality And Mixed Reality

AR, VR and MR were the sources of entertainment in the year 2017. Developers are now working on creating astonishing experiences in AR, VR, and MR. It aids the business with providing a visualization of their products and services to all their customers. It is also beneficial to help the business reach in each and every corner of the world through virtual showroom. Considering such benefits, AR,VR, and MR is sure to dominate many sectors other than games in the year 2018.

 Internet of Things (IoT)

Normal people today are dreaming of living in smart cities, smart houses all this will be made possible with loT. IoT will gradually start their ascension and 2018 should be the year for them to make a mark in industries such as healthcare to education and from smart homes to smart offices. Taking off as a full-fledged technological industry will take some more time for IoT but the technology will have its screen time. With the increasing in demands of IoT devices and apps, the developers will have to become more innovative in meeting the diverse needs of the users.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain gathering a tremendous attentions in the comparison of the other technology in the recent times. It was introduced with the purpose of helping companies to record their information in form of an unaltered ledger which is listed as blocks. It is expected to establish a more secure business network with high security. Smartphones are in great need for better security and considering this developers are working on developing blockchain based services which will be implemented on mobile apps.

Cloud-based Apps

The world is literally living in the cloud and when it comes to mobile app development trend for 2018, integrating your application with the cloud technology is a must-have. As per research cloud based apps is sure to attract 90% of mobile data traffic all across the globe. It took a lot of years for the developers to explore the possibilities of cloud computing and integration. Developing mobile apps over the cloud offers with lot of benefits like Streamlined Operations, increase in the efficiency of storing and sharing data, increase in the productivity and many more.

Mobile App Security

Since the dawn of smartphone technology, there has always been a continuous demand for security. Smartphones are managing confidential and sophisticated user data, and this will continue in 2018 but what this trend requires more is the security measures that must be applied to keep this data secure. Network World predicts that “70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices“. In 2018, developers will be thinking a lot about developing apps with built-in security features.