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If you need help in adding or updating contents of an existing website or require an expert team for performing web application upgrades, monitoring, periodic maintenance, enhancement, code optimization, or technical support, you can count on FSD Solutions to take care of all such tasks for you while you focus on your core business.

By hiring your own offshore office you can enjoy the benefits of cost-cutting, as well as save time by avoiding the risks associated with traditional vendor outsourcing. It’s your business, take control.

All staff members have excellent communication skills, our members are well experienced industry professionals. Work can be performed during your preferred hours and all members can be reached through dedicated U.S. phone numbers, all major instant messenger clients (MSN, gTalk, Yahoo, etc.) and through email instantly.

We are very satisfied with what FSD IT Services and Support did at every level for our company, and I will be glad to answer any questions potential clients may have for reference.
Karim United States
Digital Business Maintenance

Technical Resource Outsourcing

Our Technical Resource Outsourcing (TRO) service ensures that your need for Professional IT Support is met by qualified and carefully selected individuals. From fulfilling your software development and support requirements, to project management expertise, FSD Solutions can provide immediate access to professional technical resources on either a contract or permanent basis.

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Service Agreements

FSD Solutions can sign various types of agreements as needed with its clients offering them maximum flexibility and freedom so that our clients have the comfort level in having us handle their web projects. Typical examples of such service agreements are as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Non-Compete Agreement (NCA), Intellectual Property Agreement, Service Level Agreement, and so on.

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