What’s new in the Telecommunications Industry?

What's new in the Telecommunications Industry?
While these days there are so many ways of electronic communication, it actually poses a challenge to businesses. How to unify and manage electronic communications? People at work use phone, email, instant messages, audio conferencing service, video conferencing service, web meetings to name a few to communicate with their peers, customers, prospects, vendors and partners. With all these challenges, businesses are trying to unify their communication. The trend in the industry is to use all it as a service through the cloud. This poses few benefits including:
1. There is not no capital cost. Operation cost can be as lows as $25/month/phone line
2. Small businesses have access to features that only enterprises used to enjoy without paying tens of thousands of dollars in capital cost
3. Flexibility to adjust to your business as your business grows
4. Easier to deploy and manage
5. Setting up phones and extensions for new employees are as easy as setting a new email address
6. Your business phone follows you to suit your work style including:
i. A hard/desk phone when you are in office
ii. A soft phone (a software installed on your pc) when are working from home
iii. A mobile app when you on the go

Industry is going that way where phone is driven mostly by software. Latest acquisition of skype for $8.5 billion cash by Microsoft is another testimonial of this http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2011/may11/05-10corpnewspr.mspx