Companies Vs Brands | Which To Chose For Your Next Business

Companies Vs Brands

Companies Vs Brands

Hi Readers, It’s been a while sorry we were away for a long time. But today We are Back with another blog post for you to read and learn some new lessons and increase the horizon of your knowledge. We have understood the Topic just by reading the Main Title. Today we have a Comparison of Companies Vs Brands.

We are Going to Look through the Basic Definitions of these Terms and elaborate what is the importance and function of these 2 in the market. What makes one better and what you should focus on. Let’s learn what is the difference between these 2 Terms.

What is a Company?

A Company is an entity registered and recognized by the government. A Company pays taxes and is legally obliged to report its yearly income and progress to the government. A company is recognized by the government by its registration number, the name of which varies from country to country. As in the USA, it is known as EIN. 

FSD Company Logo

As you see Above Our Company Logo. FSD Solutions is a Company as we are registered in the Richardson city of Taxes State. We may not be known to many people but. A company is mostly known for the Products they Produce. And that’s what we are gonna explain in the next section.

What is a Brand?

A Brand is the public perception of any product, service, or even company. There is a very common confusion between Brand and Company that they may be the same, but that is not the case. A company may be considered a brand if it is publicly well known. Even a certain service or product can be known as a brand. The simple answer is that the public perception of your company, product, or service can be considered a brand if it is publically well received and widely known.

Twisty Apps Logonew-logo-qld

The Above 2 Logos are Brands Created by FSD Solutions Twisty Apps and Quick Logo Design These are both well known among our clientele, even more so than FSD Solutions. Twisty Apps is a Mobile App Review Blog, while Quick Logo Design is a Graphical Designs Service.

Both Product and Service Examples are in front of you both of these are not registered to the government as separate companies and do not pay any taxes on their own but are trademark protected. Which protects them against Piracy.

So What’s the Difference

As you have read about the above-mentioned 3 examples that Twisty Apps and Quick Logo Design are Brands. Where FSD Solutions is a Company, but this company itself is well known and clients come to us from all around the world we are very well known on many online platforms, like Guru, Freelancer, and Others.

This makes us the Brand as we are a registered company and are known to the public as well. If you are confused don’t worry we will unconfuse you with a quick example.

Alphabet LogoGoogle Logo
As You see above these are the logos of 2 Tech Giants. As we all know Google, is a household name the biggest search engine on the web. Basically, for most people, google itself is the web. This is where the shock comes in the Other Company Alphabet is a Company bigger than Google itself but is not as well known it’s a big name in the Tech Industry but not a Household name and most importantly Alphabet is the Parent Company of Google. This company owns google. Don’t believe us stop reading and Google it.

But Alphabet is a Brand itself but only in the industry and Google is a Company itself but is owned by Alphabet. I hope have understood these important points that Company vs Brands is a pointless war. Both are completely different things. A Company is an entity, where Brand is a perception. Every Company can be a Brand and Every Brand is a Company. This Simply makes the argument which is better completely invalid.

Which one should you focus on

As we have explained A company is an entity, which consists of you, your employees, your company assets among other things and Brand is the Public perception of all which the company stands for and you would have to focus on both simultaneously. This is the truth of the business world.

You can’t just ignore the state of your equipment or your staff to focus on your brand. Your staff and equipment are what is gonna build the brand.

Every Brand depends upon its owner company but many companies depend upon their single brand. There are even some companies that own many well-established brands and all of those brands are individual companies themselves. Some Examples include Pepsi own 7Up, Fanta, and Lays, Facebook Owns Whatsapp, Instagram, and Oculus, Google owns Youtube, App Store, and Jigsaw among many others.

Final Conclusion

Our Final Remark is simply to focus on your Company and its assets to become a Brand. This is the simple conclusion to the question of Company Vs Brand. Every Company can become a brand or own many brands at once and every Brand was once owned by a company and can become an individual company itself.

We hope you enjoy this blog post and it increased your knowledge please tell us in the comments below, if we missed anything we will add to this post when even we will update it. GoodBye Readers