Want your android mobile device to be a real time smart medium for communicating your audiences through Wordpress blogs?

Then you have landed the right page!

QuickApp is a smart Wordpress plugin for today’s smart bloggers like you. The QuickApp Wordpress plugin allows all tech oriented bloggers to manage their blogging smoothly simply from their Android Phone.

This will allow bloggers to publish their app as a native mobile App in the Google Play Android market.

Or leave this task to us! For just $ 99, we will submit your App on your behalf.

For higher-end feature rich professional CMS web sites using Wordpress platform, we offer customized Mobile App at an affordable price.

Realizing the trend of customization, QuickApp also brings in the customized Mobile App in an amazing price for professional CMS web sites using Wordpress platform.

Try it Now! Get start with the free version of the Wordpress plugin.

Features list:

  • Enable users to experience an app like using it on their Android Smart phone browsers.
  • Publish your mobile app as a native Android App to Google Play Android market.
  • Allow your audience to post comments on blog posts.
  • Use adsense or admob to monetize your content through mobile users.
  • Monitor the traffic on your site to integrate mobile app stats with Google analytics account.
  • QuickApp Wordpress Professional Version is ideal for bloggers. For feature rich CMS based web sites, we offer a high-end fully customized solution.
  • And much much more.
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Web App


Android compatibility
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Native Android App

Native Android App

Distribute your App to the Google Play Store
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Push Notification

Push Notification

Send real-time notification
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Remove trademarks and links
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Ads monetization

Ads monetization

Monetize your App with AdSense & Admob
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  1. I have understood that my WordPress blog will be converted to a Mobile Application using QuickApp.
  2. I have understood that QuickApp has Android and WP8 compatibility.
  3. I understand that I need to have my own developer account for Google Playstore to upload the QuickApp Mobile App.
  4. I understand that I will be able to send push notification of the edits on my WordPress blog to all my users.
  5. QuickApp trademark image and sponsored links will be removed in the Professional Version.
  6. Monetize my App with AdSense & Admob features are provided by QuickApp.
  7. Once payment is made QuickApp team will compile the Android App and will deliver you within two weeks.