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New Trend in the Industry

This month, we chose iPad Opportunities for developer and authors.

Apple announced its launch of tablet pc on Wednesday January 27, 2010. The launch will finally ignite demand for tablet computers, and manufacturers will sell 50 million of the devices annually by 2014, according to a market research report. Apple has also given access and support to develop applications for iPad that could be sold from its iTunes store. What it all means that there could be huge market to develop and distribute applications and content to reach millions of consumers through a proven distribution channel.

For example, an application can be written for the event planners. Layout of the site, maps, contract, on-the-spot agreed changes can be done right there with this tablet pc.

Another avenue is iBook Store. This is in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle. You can purchase a book and it will be placed and displayed on your personal bookshelf. To read a book, simply tap it and it will open up. You are then able to tap to change pages or swipe, you can put bookmarks and you can choose different fonts and text sizes to suit your needs. New books are said to cost somewhere between $4.99 and $14.99.