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Factors determining the Keyword Ranking

Keywords play a significant role in getting traffic on your site. Right choice of the Keywords will get the right target audience to your site. On contrary to this wrong choice of keywords will bring traffic to your site, but the traffic will not be of any benefit for your site. Getting traffic should not be the purpose, but getting the right traffic should be more focused on. Choosing the right keywords will help you achieve your objective and ranking those keywords effectively will be like an icing on the cake:

The Potential Search Volume or Demand
This factor includes certain points to be looked upon which are as follows:

a. Identifying the Scalability of the Keyword Groupings
Once you are ready with your list of some popular phrases all you need to identify if they are a part of scalable group of keywords or not.

b. Trending Topics
With so many trending topics you might tend to get confused in deciding which one will get lot of attention. In that case you can use Google Trends as through this you can check how a specific topic has become popular.

c. Branded Key phrases
Branded key phrases are the ones which carry a commercial nature. Showing up all your branded terms is important as it builds your goodwill in the market.

Competition Already Ranking
At times, you face difficulty in ranking the keyword which has got the maximum demand. Due to competition that keyword gets into certain limitations.

a. Keyword Challenge
It is difficult to identify if a keyword with high volume will help you in the competition. But with the help of Rank Tracker you can very easily identify and analyse the estimates of all the keywords and range based on relative volume.

b. Timeframe and Budget
Once you have analysed the keyword difficulty and SERP difficulty you can then determine to what extent you are willing to compete for a specific keyword. Sometimes working to make a key phrase known it is okay to work for few months whereas it is also okay if you find and look for a long tail phrase so that it becomes easy for you to compete.

c. Looking for the Competitive Campaigns
If you need to look into the campaigns which are run by your competitors, Moz Pro can help you in doing so. Moz Pro will help you in doing so. It gives you an idea on how the past campaigns are working, what they are optimising and it also gives you detail on which sites they have linked with.

Identify the intention of the Searchers
Lastly, all you need to is to get an answer to your question Why people are searching ?

a. Expectation of the visits
You should know that the most popular keyword is going to be helpful only if you are able to rank it. Keyword Efficiency tool in Rank Tracker will help you to identify the potential volume and competition.

b. Top of the Funnel Visitors
The people who are on the top of the funnel are more interested into educational content so they should be served with something related to education.

c. Middle of the Funnel Visitors
The people here are looking for more and more options or alternatives available. They appreciate content related to comparisons, reviews etc.

d. Bottom of the Funnel Visitors
In this stage, people choose and are ready to purchase. Here the information displayed should be pertaining to pricing so as to help them purchase easily.


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